To enhance learning and contribute to improvement of performance for school going children, UDS makes available books through its community library and book box projects. In addition to provision of books UDS has launched an E-Learning program at its community Library.. In partnership with Cyber School Technology Solutions (CSTS) a software development company, UDS has introduced Digital Science and Virtual Lab e-learning software at its library.

The software, a computer-based educational software for secondary school students with special emphasis on the science subjects physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics was commissioned by the Uganda Ministry of Education.

The software uses animations (moving pictures), captivating images, sound effects and clear simplified explanations of concepts, to make the teaching and learning of science and mathematics attractive and useful, to both teachers and students.

The educational software is fully aligned with the Uganda national syllabus and it makes the difficult subjects and concepts come to life through animations and straightforward explanations which greatly captivate the students and assist the teachers.

Students had appreciated the system of learning however there is still a challenge that most of the students do not know how to use a computer, this has lead UDS officers to spend more time with students to make sure that students achieve their goal. S.3 and s.4 students always come for the e-learning sessions just because students in lower secondary cannot manage to move at night when sessions are meant to begin.

Compiled by Suuna David