Acquiring Skills through Computer Training.

This project aims to demonstrate technologies and to build capacity in the range of digital skills. UDS creates awareness about the benefits of technology and also trains for people to acquire the information and communication skills. The project attracts especially youth and civil servants that have to adapt to new technology.

Ngobi Moses' story about the skills he acquired.

I joined UDS since 29th/Feb/2014.since that time I have been studying computer and it has shown me that really UDS is a place of computer training because of the facilities available and the well delivered services done by concerned people and generally the director who managed to provide us with the computers which are enough where by every student accesses a computer during the training time. I came to UDS while I really knew nothing concerning a computer but so far I have studied the two packages which include (introduction and Microsoft word). Basing on this knowledge I have acquired I can now manage to do the following with the computer, starting and shutting down a computer, Print the work after typing, drawing tables, diagrams because of the necessary skills I have acquired. I can also manage to use a computer as my storage device by storing important information with in a computer. So with the above acquired skills and knowledge, I am going to use it in my future studies and job. Written by Ngobi Moses