.For the last decade, UDS has demonstrated the benefits of using information through its various activities. Information is the bridge between poverty and improved livelihoods. Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), and particularly the internet, are transforming all human activities dependent on information, including rural development.

ICTs present new opportunities for individuals and communities, not only to be consumers, but also producers of information. Modern technologies therefore offer new and multiple perspectives, such as faster and better-focused access to information.

UDS has already gained considerable experience and has benefited from numerous ‘lessons learned’, from its ICT training and community Projects.

A local journalist had this to say about UDS internet café, He says “I used to struggle to send news reports to Jinja. Before UDS introduced internet in 2006, the only means I had was through taxi drivers. This method besides being expensive, sometimes stories would reach late and worst drivers would forget and in such an event they would even get lost. Since the introduction of UDS internet cafe in Kamuli, I have benefited alot as a journalist: My work was made so easy yet at reduced the cost, the news reports now reach in time. In addition to this I received sound edit skills from UDS and this has greatly improved my news reports because am able to send voice news reports through internet.