Information for Interns


To provide students with practical work and hands on experience in development work


Interns gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience by working with communities at the grass-roots

Details of Internship program

  • UDS offers internship opportunity for 8 weeks every year.
  • The program is normally full time and it is offered between June to August.
  • UDS does all the necessary arrangements for placement, orientation, and supervision
  • Budget: interns cater for their travel, accommodation and upkeep expenses. However while executing organization business, the intern will be provided with transport.

  • Internship opportunities are offered in the following areas;-

    Library and information project

    UDS runs a community library and a book box project. Interns should be students of information science and librarianship and they will participate in the following activities:

  • Create awareness about UDS library
  • Monitor the book box project.
  • Train school librarians
  • Promote reading among schools.
  • Household project.
  • Household Community Development project

    UDS has a household project which provides information and skills in farming, sanitation and health.

  • This empowers interns with project planning, project management, community mobilization and training skills. Interns in this area should be students pursuing development studies and social sciences.
  • Information and technology program
  • Internet and Computer training

    UDS promotes use of internet and computers to enhance development.

  • An intern in this field will be exposed to various disciplines of both soft and hard ware maintenance of computers and training of adults. Interns in this department need to be students pursuing IT related studies.