UDS has been operating a library since 2001. It was established following consultations with various stakeholders during a project design workshop held in Kamuli in 2000. During this workshop participants identified low utilization of information as a major cause of poverty in the district. They identified low availability of information, low access to information, low value attached to printed information, no libraries, no reading culture, illiteracy, limited reading materials, negative cultural beliefs as the major causes of low utilization of information.

The library currently has over 7,000 users.

Library Story

UDS library has been rated as one of the best libraries in Kamuli, it’s good to wait for other to praise your work before you praise yourself. UDS has been offering the services to the community through the provision of books for quite a while; we have come to realize its importance through the focus group discussion conducted a few weeks ago. The members in attendance were in position to narrate stories about the UDS library. Isabirye Kenneth is one of the oldest members who has so far used and appreciated the library; he has been using the library since 2004. He managed to pass excellently at all levels of education and he later joined Makerere University for a course in Human Resource Management. After spending some years working, he went back and he’s now doing a course in Accounting from Kampala University. For all the time, UDS has been his only place for doing research. This is because he is in position to get access to the books unlike other libraries that had tried to operate without relevant books. According to Mr. Tigawalana one of the beneficiaries who attended the discussion, he praised UDS for the provision of a conducive space for reading, because of the space and the books, very many students come and use the facility for preps and research. He gives thanks to UDS for the provision of the services.