Reading Project.

The project aims to strengthen reading skills and habits amongst primary pupils and to provide support to the existing reading lessons provided for on the school syllabus for primary schools. The project targets primary 2 to primary 6 pupils and also targets teachers leading reading in the schools.

Rose in charge of reading from bezzallel primary school
I congratulate the management of UDS for the good work they had done at our school, we have been for long facing a challenge with reading materials at lower levels. Since we were given books last year, we have seen a tremendous change in our pupils. They can now read and write in English. Apart from that they also have also developed the habit of reading at their own. This has never happened before, pupils are now self driven, and we no longer force them to read during their free time. This is a clear indicator that the reading has improved at our school. Pupils have developed confidence in the use of English at school. I thank UDS for that vision.