Global Hand washing day campaign for the first time in Uganda and In Kamuli District.

The president and the Speaker plus UDS and other projects participated in the Global hand washing day campaign , for the first time in Uganda and in Kamuli District..It was an event that advocates for good sanitation more especially washing hands and how to wash hands. The president advised to put more emphases on training young people especially children on how to wash and why they should wash because doctors proved it that 47% of diseases are prevented by washing hands but he also stated that doctors and nurses are silent, they don't talk the truth, they don't sensitize people with true information.. So people are sick because of ignorance. So he advised doctors and nurses to put more efforts in sensitizing people. He stated that hand washing is not only when one is going to eat but to keep clean and wash both hands properly with soap. The chairman National Water Committee said that this program started in 2006 and its in line with the National Development plan. He noted that reports show that there over 105000 water point sources and their 60000 villages in rural but few of these access water so to achieve a health community there' s need of more water. This makes UDS one of the community organisations that has continued to contribute hand washing through its wash program that sensitize and advocate sanitation through tip tap method(washing hands), good rubbish pits, good plate stands and well constructed toilets and bathrooms.

During the monitoring and evaluation reports for the water tanks built for households in Bugaya Sub County, it was noted that many homes are not practicing good sanitation and this has resulted into a number of sicknesses in many households.

The survey conducted by UDS in the two districts of Kamuli and Buyende confirmed that households and schools lack proper sanitary facilities and those that have don’t use them because they lack awareness about the dangers of not putting them to use and in schools teachers lacked appropriate information and aids to promote good sanitation.

The story of Wotali Pirusuka.

Ms Wotali Pirusuka has been a member of UDS since 2011. Apart from the farmers project, she has also been part of the WASH project. From the UDS training she learnt the use of having atip tap, a rubbish pit, a plate stand, a well constructed toilet a bathroom among others.

After the training, she made sure she acquires a tip tap and also encouraged her elder sons to work and dig up the rubbish pit. She also hired labour to help her dig up a new latrine for her family because the old one was not serving her well. With the help of her family members, they also managed to construct a plate stand to avoid washing plates while putting them down. Recently government health officials were carrying their inspections, while most of her neighbors where running away from them, she stayed comfortably at home because she knew she had all the requirements they were looking for. She therefore thanks UDS for giving her timely training which has benefitted her and her house hold.