Uganda Development Services (UDS) is a registered company limited by guarantee No. 1320 and a registered NGO No. S.5914/2013. UDS has its headquarters in Kampala and is registered to operate countrywide.One of the projects, Ufund, funds transfer service, reaches clients/beneficiaries countrywide while the rest of the activities are in Kamuli and Buyende districts.

Uganda Development Services is a registered Non Governmental organization that seeks to reduce poverty by providing appropriate and relevant information and skills to facilitate development.

UDS Knows that Lack of information is a major cause of poverty and access to information in major sectors of agriculture, health and education can achieve much in improving the livelihoods of communities.

UDS is committed to eradicate poverty by empowering people with knowledge, information and skills that will lead to sustainable socio-economic transformation, and the prosperity of communities. Lack of information is a major cause of poverty, and timely provision of information can assist individuals, communities and organisations to make better informed decisions that promote socio-economic development.