E learning

To enhance learning and contribute to improvement of performance for school going children, UDS makes available books through its community library and book box projects...Read more>>

Computer training

This project aims to demonstrate technologies and to build capacity in the range of digital skills. UDS creates awareness about the benefits of technology and...Read more>>

Community library

UDS has been operating a library since 2001. It was established following consultations with various stakeholders during a project design workshop held in Kamuli in 2000...Read more>>

Reading project

The project aims to strengthen reading skills and habits amongst primary pupils and to provide support to the existing reading lessons provided for on the school syllabus...Read more>>


UDS aims to work among the people who are most affected by poverty, the rural poor. The critical problems faced by the rural poor are based on food production. Their poverty...Read more>>

Water $ sanitation

Access to clean water is one of the major challenges of rural communities in Uganda. For long government and humanitarian organization has been sensitizing communities on the...Read more>>

Smokeless oven

According to World Health Organization, every year indoor air pollution (IAP) is responsible for more than 1.5 million deaths, mostly among children and women and its behind...Read more>>

Bookbox project

The Book Box project is an outreach programme of the UDS Library Service (to extend library services beyond the walls of the library). It was initiated in 2007 as a means to...Read more>>

Ufund Project:

In Kamuli, UDS activities are carried out in Town council, Balawoli and Nabwiguli sub counties. In Buyende District, activities are carried out in Bugaya Sub County in Ngandho...Read more>>

UDS Internet

For the last decade, UDS has demonstrated the benefits of using information through its various activities. Information is the bridge between poverty and improved livelihoods...Read more>>